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Submitted by Manoel Bittencourt on
A market-based economy is based on changes, also at the top. I always give to my students at Pretoria the example of Pan Am, TWA and IBM in the US, and how small companies like MicroSoft, Google and now Facebook have grown over time. There is change there. Of course, GM was supposed to have gone down too, but thanks to their incredible powers of persuasion (Sandeep's political economy), they convinced the American tax payer to bail them out and now we even have a new expression in Economics which is "too big to fail". The GM case is an example of bad economics. In SA, and please correct me if I am wrong, we don't see that amount of change happening, my guess is that the four big banks have been there since "forever", no change. And I would extend my guesswork to say that the same is true in other sectors. Every little helps, we know that people who have access to credit can invest in productive activities (perhaps a small corner shop, or a brand new BMW plant). The question is how to "incentivise" our big four banks to lend money to potential small entrepeneurs? Or how to provide a different sort of incentives to our banks so that they start providing student credit?