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In my view what we are seeing is the culmination of years of bad education, coupled with a quick fix policy of Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE”) that has only worsened the situation. While after independence, the focus should have been two-fold (i.e. on ownership distribution AND increased economic activity), it has only focused on BEE. The problem with BEE is that it does not create wealth, rather, it transfers wealth. And in the process it distorts the perception of reality in a way that may take a generation to fix: 1. The very few that have benefited from BEE are wealthy and presumably believe that their actions, manner and ways contribute towards the productivity of South Africa – they also receive considerable attention in the media and can be assumed to be “modern” role models in South Africa; and 2. Those that have not benefited from BEE are poor, and instead of looking for ways out of poverty via hard work/innovation and the commercialisation of their activities, focus too much on the lottery of BEE. This is only compounded by the worsening education system.