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Submitted by Xiao on
Thanks very much for pointing me to this website. It is very encouraging to see this technology. I read a little more about cassava-brewed beer on the website. It seems that the cassava-brewed beer targets mainly rural drinkers who traditionally drank illicit and non-commercial alcohol that posted great health problems. ( This is certainly a welcome development. When I wrote the blog, I was thinking more along the line of increasing cassava intra regional-trade as a way to improve the regional food security. The advantages of such trade are obvious. It creates longer value chain within the continent and will probably benefit small-holder farmers and women more than other cash crops such as coffee and cocoa. Cassava is a product that could be catalytic to regional trade integration because of great demand for food in Africa. I am indeed encouraged by the DADTCO technology and look forward to seeing what this technology will contribute to regional food security in the coming years. Xiao