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Submitted by Chacha on
Mr. Fengler's article brings to the fore a very important issue. Africa now has the opportunity to be a major contributer to global output, mainly underpinned by recent stable macroeconomic developments, improved political and economic governance; demographical advantages with 75% of her population being youthful; and huge endowments in in natural resources, including boasting of 60% of global arable land. Finally with the evolution of ICT and telecoms, Africa has the advantage of being able to see what is happening elsewhere through easy access to the internet. Now what is good for Europe is good for Africa too.This is the advantage of the timing we are living, unlike in the 90s when the auther first took a trip to Africa. I would like to limit my comments to the demographic advantage highlighted. In 2011, the African continent is estimated to have grown by only 2.6 % a distance from the average of 5.6% posted for the period 2003-2008 . The democratic transition/crisis in the North Africa region contributed to this slow down. The youth empowered by the mobile phones kicked of the North Africa crisis. Today, the debate in every African country is about gainfully engaging the youth through decent employment. This is in realization that, the potential in our youthful population can turn-out to be a curse and a source of political instability. Going forward, therefore there is need to identify who are our youth, undertake an invetory of their skills and professional qualification and those with none before designing job programmes to target each of this category. In short we need to develop basic labour management information system.