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Submitted by Demba on
Indeed here are the real questions as per why, to date there is no progress, economic development so to speak in Africa... And as we go backward to understand where this all come from, it's easy to understand Paul Valery, that french writer and philosopher who said "we enter in the future backward" ... Agreeing without shadow of a doubt that the answers to our economic development should be found in the success stories of the past when it comes to development priorities and strategies... We cannot be complacent of our own people and expect change to happen overnight... and Yes there is need for a "clear separation of the infrastructural development roles of the state and the market development role of the private sector" That statement I paraphrased it somewhere else saying this: Two major leads only will save our fragile african countries: 1-Reinforcing intra-regional trade along with supporting local small businesses 2-Diversifying trade partners in a context of Global economy where seemingly we have more choices to opt to deal with whoever we want to deal with... This context of disarray across board gives us the UNIQUE opportunity to chose and initiate our own well-thought endogenous development models... Indeed the fourth paragraph of this exposé over african background info, it appears that it's when given the tools and the time to diagnose their own needs that african countries have started making substantial progress albeit minimal compared to the extent of the crisis... Often CSO, NGO and CBOs are ready to meet the challenges ahead... that's why there is a disconnect between our official leaders and the masses of aware and active citizens they're supposed to manage... Are our african governments ready for the Challenge, left alone, to decide our own fate? No...And that's why non governmental actors are the future of Africa... Demba Ndiaye