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Submitted by Windy M. on
BBC World this week covered two huge indicators of true African economic wellbeing. The first whereby Elephants are still a poacher's target for China artisans, etc. The second where there is a huge swell around markets in Kimara. The third goes back to March 2012 with the huge news break of the 60 Billion trade deal between Africa and India. The first is indicative of a repressive situation in Africa. Yet "ivory" will depreciate fast since synthetics are much better for culinary uses, chopsticks. Furthermore carvings with Ivory is an "art" for museums. Already enough art in that style has been made. It doesn't sell well. The newer trends are synthetics, molds, mass production of buddhas, and other godheads, with materials that can far exceed the beauty, resonance, shine, and longevity of ivory. The elephant orgs should be able to push a viable PR campaign to be picked up by Discovery Channel etc. Since, in fact Ivory is not worth it for China's best choice of materials. In fact, those who have given so much great thought and involvement in Africa have to understand that development comes in ABCs. BBC covered the huge success of markets with kiosks in Kimara, Kenya this week. Thus, to get around the "political" realistic projects that can succeed with remittance and micro loans is obviously manifesting in the success factor in K. markets. Government actions somehow wielded the great India/Africa trade deal. The future of Africa in a next gen. food/commodities/etc. discount exchange scenerio won't manifest without the first stage of a strong relationship with a trade partner such as what has manifested for Africa, via the strong India accomplishments in the trade regard. A great leader found Zambato as a great source for connecting investors with projects. connecting investors with projects- a gainful approach for African growth.