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Submitted by Wordsmith1 on
It is not justifiable to make the statement, as Shanta does, that African economic growth accelerated in the 2000s decade because Africans owned the PRSPs. In fact many studies say they did not and that the PRSPs were little different in substance from previous externally imposed strategy documents of varying absurdity. African economic growth accelerated largely because of the expansion of world demand and it will stop accelerating in the 2010s because of recession in World demand. However there is one big difference - there is increasing entrepreneurial energy in Africa - partly inspired by the diaspora. The removal of regulatory hurdles, eradication of corruption and the reallocation of investment funds to sensible places will not happen because of PRSPs. It will happen because of accumulating pressure from a proactive entrepreneurial class which finally forces Governments to pay attention, helped by democratization. But these entrepreneurs themselves are not necessarily squeaky clean - they are often on the edge of illegality etc. I.e. they are opportunists and rent seekers - (who would have thunk it !). They may not dress well enough to be suitable discussants at an ABCDE conference. Indigenous entrepreneurial drive and rent seeking is what economic development is all about and has always been. Development aid to Africa has had little if any credible bearing on either entrepreneurship or democratization which are esstentially cultural phenomena. The most important technical breakthrough may have been the cellphone - a commercial product sold at market price which has revolutionized knowledge and comunication.