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Submitted by Julie BABINARD on
Dear Patricio, Thanks very much for this blog and for raising awareness on maternal mortality, which continues to get enough attention - despite being part of the MDGs. As you rightly pointed, many childbirth-related complications are unpredictable and a key factor in lowering both maternal and child mortality is the presence during childbirth of a skilled attendant or person with skills in midwifery and access to the necessary equipment for effective management of complications. Often, from my experience working in the transport sector, we have seen that many women do not have access to this care and it becomes even more difficult in case of emergency. We must work across sectors to identify bottlenecks locally and monitor the success of where any improvements can be made. We know of countries like Malaysia and Sri Lanka where significant reductions in maternal deaths happened. And it took a multisectoral approach to tackle the typical 3 delays to access care (assuming there is good care at the end of the road/ transport): Best, Julie