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Submitted by Chacha on
Thank you for sharing to us this wonderful piece for some of us who are keenly following on development economics. I totally agree that forging a common consensus on economic direction is prime. The challenge,however is how to build this consensus in a situation where you have a mass of unlearnt and uninformed electorate--this is when a one man's vision like that of Lee Kwan Yew becomes priceless. Strong leadership will then sell the vision without compromise and especially to the elite. Sorry to say that due to lack of such leaders in Kenya, the management of our education system at all levels is wanting. the authorities responsible have no clear vision on building the needed human capital. our universities are busy doing mass admissions for fees revenue with no counterpart investment to facilities and teachers. teachers on the other hand are busy moonlighting- teaching in as many universities as possible to make ends meet. They have no time for research to inform policy for example on the recent macroecnomic instability and the best way to live through a deteriorating global economic environment. The Government is also not keen on establishing a close linkage between universiries and business. Who is going to cure us of this blindness ?-i bet it is the emergence of strong leaders at all levels. We can only hope that the county level of governments will bring out these strong leaders and steer us to high growth paths.