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Do small countries do it better? Yes, nothing is impossible,African small countries can do it better if their political leaders were commited to be honest in good governance,political freedom,civil liberties and pratice good Leadership role,without corruption or mismanagement.To enhance Democrazy, they need to structure out strategic plans on how to developed their Infrastructure, promote quality and standard Education,Economic and Finance, Plan good Economic model that will encourage High rate of saving and intensive investment,which will allow local or domestic Firms to compete in Global market for High value product and services. It is important to build Human resources,and not only concentrates on raising the levels of investment in some goods and services, but also building human capital in order to attract technology and innovation. For African small countries to be developed and do it better, needs higher literacy rate, produce and trade more consumer good,i.e enhance Economic activities,have low infant mortality rate, High gross domestic product-per capital, human development index, high income per capita, generally organized government,work towards stable Economy and political structure, reduce birth rates and life expectance rising,Population growth and ability to meet their pramary needs or social welfare,health support,No Violence and religion conflict,that can bring military intervention.Reduction in Hunger and poverty. If all this can be consider, then, AFRICAN small countries can rule better.