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Submitted by Andrew Amadi on
Kenya is only good at long distance running. There is no correlation between football skills and long distance running. All the top runners in the men's 100 meters final were of West African origin. The most successful football teams from Africa are either from West or North Africa. Perhaps geography has more to do with it. China is as organized as they come as is Switzerland and the United States, yet none of them is a major powerhouse in football. In the book "Outliers" Malcom Gladwell makes a clear point that success is not just about the individuals but the entire system going to genealogy and culture. Kenyans who run and Kenyans who play football in the national team are largely from different cultures. Majority of the National football team are Luo, Luhya, Kikuyuy and a mixture from other tribes. The majority of those who win in athletics are Kalenjin. each set of cultures has a unique history and experience that gives them the innate talent to perform in their respective sports. Even though there may be a correlation between how structured and organized a country's football system is, it is not necessarily the reason for it. Perhaps it is the result of it. Just like Kenya's athletics system is much better organized than most other similar and even more developed countries.