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The nation’s ability to accommodate a redundant industry/former employee from one job(jobs taken off-shore as an example) and get support plus training for the next key local industry must be the focus. I think the quality of education lies in higher learning, though we all need some sort of education, if one, or the state can afford it. I fear it is higher education that we do not focus on. Key industry skills, why is this missing from the article? In NBO we have done the opposite with the Polytechnic, made it a University while in the UK they are reducing the number of Universities to have Polytechnics. I really worry for the near/far future. Countries like Sweden, the Swiss understand this very well, if we can create industries and have proper relative and competitive(with regards to the world of course) training for Kenya (‘kazi kwa vijana’ – work for the youth) then we can all prosper, we can’t blame the teachers, it’s clearly where the state needs to invest and create policies around. Free education without free good books, balanced meals for the younger etc is a double edges sword. If younger people must work to get a balanced mean, so be it, but where is the work? that is the next big question, all this focus on training for the young, lack of enough relevant training for the youth. I have no idea what is going on.