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Here in Ghana, non-trained teachers are mostly employed in private Basic school, and receive a tiny fraction of what well-trained certified teachers get in the public Basic School system yet the former perform very much better than the latter. The key factor is effective teacher supervision in private schools. In the public system, the main reasons given for lack of supervision are non-availability of resources to support the Circuit Supervisors. For nine months now, Ministry of Education in Accra has not transferred funds to the Regions to be sent to the District Directors to support such activities. Yet the government will get funds to increase MPs' wages by more than 100% if civil society does not wake up to stop them! Where are our priorities? Self-serving politicians and their technocrats cannot be trusted to support our future generation. Present and past governments have paid lip service to decentralization of government services--the cure for this notorious habitual delays in the transfer of funds to the districts. The communities must resolve to take back their schools. All that will be necessary is to build their capacities to do so.