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Submitted by Helen Abadzi on
The Bank has taken the position that learning will happen if peripheral variables are strengthened: economic climate, management, teacher attendance. Under such circumstances in middle-income countries and families learning happens "magically". But the poor have no one at home to help. And without facilitation, the children do not learn. People don't process informaton magically, there are rules of how we remember and forget, and they have been demonstrated for decades. The Bank needs to just take them into account. And many issues are "low level", related to perceptual learning and speed of recall. Reading experiments in the Gambia and Cambodia show DRAMATIC results in a few months. The Bank can design its projects to take learning rules into account at all levels and ages. For anyone who wants to know more, please contact me. Aksi see the H. Abadzi "Efficient Lerning for the Poor", 2006.