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Submitted by Vince Chipatuka on
The dream is not lost. Africa has a lot of opportunity to realise the dream and end poverty. It is a fact America and Europe to be were they are today it took Africa's Aid. Our resources including human resource was utilized. To end poverty in my beautiful continent Africa we will require a robust wealth creation program supported by African Union and implemented by all the 50 + member countries through positive utilization of Aid. European countries such as Spain and Ireland are better countries today because of Aid which has been utilized well in infrastructural development. It is unfortunate that out of the Aid we receive as Africa very little goes towards development projects, most of the resources end up going to salaries and buying of expensive vehicles for the so called international projects. Time is now that we did things differently, my Government kindly consider to invest;- 1. Women in business micro economic growth 2. Creation Youth employment 3. Infrastructural development roads, IT, education and health facilities 4. Zero tolerance against corruption 5. Fair and Free Elections In all the above the participation of citizens is critical in the development plans is critical.