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Submitted by Gachiri Nicholas on
Thank you for this. My two cents: You are right in that change right now hinges on the governance in place; we need governance committed & passionate about unleashing the potential of the continent with the ruthlessness to go with it. However, governments are also a factor of the citizenry, when you have a people who do not know their rights, do not demand their rights, allow politicians to use them in petty ways (for even more petty gain), people who will not immerse themselves in issues to do with the direction their governments take (too busy, understandably, trying to make ends meet)...then we get sub standard leaders! So what to do? because fighting poor governments and controlling elites will take a while, i think we continue with pushing (with the help of development partners) chiefly the education & infrastructure agenda. Caveat on the education, it has to be practical, skills people can use to take us forward, with incentives to take up the same.