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Submitted by mwakarama on
Shanta, This is a great and holistic approach you are igniting - the African political class has the wrong tool for seeking electoral office. They aim their tool at the convenience of the provided for... Aid and Grants. Access is all they want. The political class then have little to do with national interests. The sentiment of contemporaneous beliefs - in Education OB-ism etc and manifest grandiose social living generate the rampant corruptibility that deform African governments... It is not theoretical political, economic, education (the 'work-college' suggested by Butungi is a great idea) solutions that will ebb-out poverty - the African planners aren't awake as yet - look at what the Asians are doing in Africa the last 10 years. We don't manufacture any of the BODA BODA Okada-man motor cycles that has lifted thousands upon thousands out of poverty... I think the solution is in massive construction for habitat in our Cities and larger towns - the occupant of the habitat will always work if the jobs are created by the planners. The new US Ambassador to Uganda once posted a question on his FaceBook page - something like; "what can you say about your environment?" In my comment I suggested that African planners have to plan City Subways not for tube or metro trains... but for the motor cycles - so that Boda Boda travelers get wherever underground. Instead of the traffic mess we see on African streets. That is a huge construction works to transform our environment.