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Submitted by Joseph Mongi on
Most of our African leaders especially in a country like mine; Tanzania, they put themselves infront by making themselves rich and forgeting the people who voted for them and trusted them in their community development. Our leaders neglects their responsibilities and trying to utilize any opportunity they get for their own well being without thinking about their people, without thinking of their country. It's not strange to find someone has been elected today for MP or appointed for MR MINISTER and tommorow he is a super rich and as if nobody cares he is out there loughing knowing that no one can touch him. Our leaders are lacking GOOD GOVERNANCE, they are no practising it while they are preaching everywhere in the political stands. they misuse their post for their own benefits, they dont realise people's expectations from them. too much political blahs without actions. they should keep aside politics where reality is needed, where specialty is to take charge, and where seriousness should be afront.