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The fundamental and tragic truth is that Africa is poor because Africans live and rule there. Europeans create Europe wherever they go (Australia, USA, Canada) and Africans create Zimbabwe, Congo & Haiti. It is a tragedy that with all its natural bounty, the people of Africa so often live in squalor.
Democracy cannot save Africa. Western democracy is failing in the west, largely due to special interest groups who rule by creating and cobbling together factions sufficient to win elections. The result is not a "general will" or what is good for the nation, but Frankensenator. The USA in particular is governed in a manner that resembles a group quilting while fighting over the fabric, thread, needles, and the shape and size of the quilt. The dramatic increase in "diversity" in the previous 50 years in the USA has exacerbated this problem to the point where the USA is on its way to becoming Northern Brazil.