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Many thanks Andreas, Kalipso and Albert for your comments, which tend to reinforce the importance of the topic for improving health care delivery and achieve good health outcomes on the basis of evidence. Given the complexity of the pharmaceutical sector, that is compounded by the information asymmetries that characterize the patient/physician or prescribed relationship and the influence played by interest groups on what is prescribed and consumed, it is imperative for those involved in health sector reforms to carefully study and develop knowledge about the required pharmaceutical policies, systems, institutions,rules and processes (including a careful understanding of positive and perverse incentives at play) that need to be in place to generate the intended benefits. For those interested on the topic, I would like to suggest, besides the above references, a recent World Bank publication funded by the DFID and authored by two distinguished experts, Marc Roberts (U of Pennsylvania) and Michael Reich (Harvard U). The interactive version of the book, "Pharmaceutical Reform. A guide to Improving Performance and Equity", can be accessed at: