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Thanks for your comment. The only problem with your proposal is that governments have a limited amount to spend on health, so that an extra dollar devoted to chronic illness will reduce the amount spent on infectious diseases. Yet, the poor are 3-5 times more likely to contract infectious diseases as chronic illnesses (which affect the rich and poor equally). Furthermore, infectious diseases are, by definition, infectious. If left untreated, they can spread further through the population. Chronic illnesses do not have this property. Finally, the biggest “bang for the buck” with chronic illnesses is by making sure people get diagnosed in time—something that rarely happens, and is one of the biggest life-saving interventions for the poor (see Das, Jishnu and Jeffrey Hammer, “Chronic Illness in India,” in Kaushik Basu, ed., The Oxford Companion to the Economics of India, Oxford: Oxford University Press). 
Our proposal: Instead of focusing on drugs for the rich, focus on diagnosis for the poor.