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Andreas, we could not agree more that there is something fundamentally immoral with the way drugs are priced in different countries, and one of the major roles of international agencies should be to make drug prices more equitable (as was done for HIV/AIDS).

This really struck us when we started looking at the excellent work put together by health action international (, which collects drug-prices for the same drug in multiple countries. For instance, in their global briefing note on insulin ( ), the lowest prices for a 10ml vial of soluble human insulin ranged from $2.57 to $5.87, and among the six countries with the lowest prices, 3 were in South Asia (India, Pakistan and Nepal)---all of which are fed by competition from the huge generic drug industry in India. The highest prices are in Congo with $47.60, West Bank/Gaza with $42.67, and Indonesia with $39.50.

Why do we ask poor people in Congo to pay 15 times more than in Nepal?