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Submitted by RAS JENGO on
Hello!! As far as my experience with the so-called poor Tanzanians (People that lives in deeply remote areas) is concerned, I don't see any relevance of Revolution of mobile phones and the improvement of these people's lives in any aspects. Most people in those regions have no idea of the importance of education because people who are responsible to educate them and make them understand the very basic of education are nowhere to be found; how could you tell me that your SMS from a mobile phone would enlighten them? How would they understand e-applications when they lack even basics of this new era of living? Instead of using offered applications constructively, most people in Africa (and I think applies in the rest of the World) take advantage of having mobile phones to ease fornication. We should let go of our ego and deal with facts. It's only fact that will solve the real problems of these people otherwise we'll be denying them of the future they deserve.