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Submitted by Zahid Hossain on
I do believe that mobile phone has a tremendous positive effect on rural poor people.In Bangladesh there are 90 million Mobile phone users ( population 150 million). Almost every rural household has an access to a mobile connection. Last one decade the economic activities of rural Bangladesh has been changed rapidly. Women are the main beneficiary of these activities. Small business are easier because of connectivity. Now rural boys & girls can apply for admission in higher education institution through mobile. Earlier they had to go to big cities personally to collect forms and depositing that. Now all result of public examination can obtain through mobile phone. The data base of public examination are now shared by the universities and admission seekers do not need to submit the hard copy of transcript prior confirmation of admission . 80 million of Bangladeshi people are working in other countries. They send 12-14 billion US$ every year. Maximum of these wage earners are from rural areas. Now they can easily remit their money to the family through mobile texts. The female member of the families are now directly collect the money through mobile phone . In this way rural women are now have their role in family spending decesions.