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Submitted by MHealth Tanzania PPP team on
Take the recently launched Wazazi Nipendeni Free informative SMS service as an example of how the government is using the networks to reach even the most remote citizens. This Free service supports the Wazazi Nipendeni multi media campaign. The campaign is led by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in conjunction with a number of international, national organisations and private sector partners. It offers free information to ensure a healthy pregnancy and good early child care to pregnant women, mothers with a newborn baby as well as their supporters. Within 3 days of the launch on 20 November 2012 over 10,000 mobile users registered to the service by sending the word 'mtoto' to the 15001 short code! Also the success of the family planning Smsm service MR4H shows clearly that mobile subscribers in Tanzania accept the mobile phone as a means to receive information that can increase their quality of life.