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Submitted by Edward Naiman on
It amazing the country being the third largest producer of Gold in Africa its people do not feels the benefits of this blessing. For the past ten years these company have been contributing directly its income to the central Government.The Government work accordingly to its priorities.This is more likely the income generated from Mara region would be located to other region eg DSM leaving the host region underdeveloped.This is not right,lets the mining residents feel the presence of these resources. Bad enough,Money are flowing to the central Government and unfaithful Leaders taken that money to overseas account like Swiss and other place for their benefits.Lets now government turn the page and enter into an agreement with these companies to invest in infrastructure of which people would feel the presence of these resources. Lets them construct schools,Roads,Hospitals,Water facilities ,Markets and others important infra for the economy of Tz. This would make people feel and memorize the presence of the minerals in TZ.