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Submitted by Mwakikoti on
The Tanzanian mining sector, like tourism and other related economic sectors would be more visible to Tanzanian economy if the whole process was transparent to Tanzanians. The process of taxation, and where the revenue goes to benefit the citizens of Tanzania, is at best oblivious. Few top individuals know the reality of the transactions. Similarly, is the case of the profits against the investment that translates into the sector's contribution to the economy ofTanzania. The question is not so much as to whether the mining companies should pay more or less in taxes; the fundamental question is the accountability of the taxes thus paid, the contribution of the mining companies in the local communities and the management of the revenue to the government. Mining companies (and arguably, some do) should feel it their responsibility to make good in the locale they operate; by sponsoring or building roads, schools, clinics, and other related community activities. Wherever a company operates, it should make that place as "their home" and provide what the community lacks; things that the people who work in that company (mining), need. They should work with local government to ascertain that their contribution is used to benefit the community (this is apart from whatever taxes they pay). Is is simply being a community contributor and a good neighbor. When it comes to environment, the government shouldn't cave corners to in favor of any given company for the detrimental of the environment. The laws that govern the environment should be applied to all. At times, these laws maybe broken in favor of some companies because some incompetent leaders accept bribes and turn their eyes away from what the company does that may ill effect the environment. This practice will be reduced or eradicated by having strict rules and monitoring of corruption with zero tolerant. If a mining company does not follow the stipulations, they should be asked to leave. It is not necessary that the Government should focus on maximizing the development of joint infrastructure rather than collecting more revenues. Frankly, the government could do both without compromising on the principles of good business and good governance. Again, the major issue here is how true to the principles, the government and the related parties. In the end, the important thing is the eradication of the corruption in the system, from top to bottom, compounded with strategic business management that would translate into economic development in the country. That should be the ethical focus of Tanzania as a nation.