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Submitted by Lire Ersado on
Very interesting and thought provoking blog! But I am not convinced the evidence presented is strong enough to lead to the conclusion that there is a mismatch between what the firms want and the real priorities of Tanzania. Your conclusion is largely based on the cost of electricity, although you made an attempt to qualify it by bringing in the issue of access. I think that the qualification should go further than mere access. The firms may have access, that access itself may need to be qualified. Do they have access without the notorious interruptions common in most African countries? Do they have electricity at the level and timing desired for smooth operation of their business? The surveys you referred to may have collected more information that may have answers to these questions and shed more light on why the firms consider electricity to be their number one constraint. Moroever, firms' concerns about electricity may go beyond their immediate premises, as they often rely on suppliers, distributors, consumers and so on, who may not have adequate access to electricity. So in my opinion, it is better to look beyond cost and "access" before reaching at such sweeping conclusion.