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Submitted by Luc Lapointe on
Dear Isis! Very interesting statistics but I believe that the solutions for all the questions you have raise lie in "How will this be sustainable?" I just read yesterday about a new program of the UK on this topic. The Making It Happen programme will help doctors and professional to travel to Tanzania to do some capacity building with local staff. ....but that doesn't address the other points that you raised such as infrastructures, roads, affordability, and sustainability. Let's just imagine that you could address the above mentioned ...the impact for any health interventions can only be improved if you have similar investment in education, housing, nutrition, access to water, to name a few. The problem remains the silo approach to intervention(s). Tanzania recently changed their visa requirements ..if you come as a tourist you pay $100 but if you declare yourself as a volunteer you need to pay $550. This is forcing many of the organizations to go underground...which, as you can imagine, complicates the landscape when it comes to aid transparency/effectiveness. To's impossible to get this data from the government of we do not know if the new visa program is successful or if it's driving more people underground. Since you are on location...I would be interested to ask you a few more questions. I can't wait to see how the UK program will address this visa requirements. This is an interesting "tax" since it needs to be renewed every 90 days. Luc Lapointe