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If a billion and a half Chinese can live and cope with Climate Change, that should be Africa's last problem, at least in the next decade or two. Africa needs a tripling of public infrastuctural budgets. Places change people - and the only way to influence people's mindsets, beliefs and ambition is to improve their basic conditions, opportunities and productive capacity. Supply infrastructure to spur demand for related services and encourage economic participation, urgently. Deliberately offer cheap credit to investors - 2% interest rates, for example, to support basic trade. From the analysis above, it is made to sound as if public provision of education is an economic bad. I still do not know the benefits of private, market driven education to a very poor society. How does mass ignorance imposed by costly schools drive Africa's progress? Some of these OECD opinions presume that we all live in Singapore or Hong Kong, yet this is the Serengeti, where we cannot buy education when we have no schools, no food, no roads, no hospitals... Africa's growth has not happened yet. Africa's deteroriation has happened since the 1960s. The World Bank should do to Africa what it did for Germany, or the US for Japan, after World War II. Invest in our people and a rapid technology transfer road-map. The returns will be much better than the few privateers are making today. While corporations earn supernormal profits, our people are dying in absolute poverty. We lose all our wealth-makers, the middle-aged men and women who can create wealth and obtain investment credit, due to cardiovascular diseases. When youthful parents die, their wealth and earning power dies with them, creating a fresh generation of poverty-stricken children with low esteem, low achievement potential and debilitating despondency. That is not growth; it is retrogression. Africa need not grow by invention and innovation - we can do with transfer of best technologies in the short term. When we have the modern human basics, we will be happy to think and innovate. Support Africa to get to the 21st Century humanity, urgently. Our material riches will flourish.