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Submitted by BV Anand on
My Dear Shanta, I entirely agree with your perspective on Africa, but the dynamics of Africa is much different compared to India and China, in terms of Cultural aspects and the timing with regards to the takeoff that is happening. Especially with the trickling down of the IT and the Media Sector (Which happens without much Government intervention and Red Tapism), which has a capacity to expedite the awareness of many Governmental and Aid Agencies Programs. There has been a great Cultural coherence across India (Also constitutional reforms that happened in the Emancipation of Downtrodden in India) and much more in China and that has helped to consolidate the Governmental Intervention. Once the Road comes, the Sewer lines follows. Private Social Infrastructure like health and Education facilities doesn’t come up without critical mass of Marketable development. Land reforms/ Documentation and Extensive Transportation projects can generate great ground for implementation of many welfare program. Anand