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Submitted by Douglas Samara on

Hello my Name is Samara Douglas I want to thank dr Olorun for helping me, because ever since September 2008, I have been HIV+ it was confirm by my doctor that I’m hiv positive. So one day as I was browsing through the internet I saw a testimony on how this great man called Dr Olorun help a girl called manilla cure her HIV AIDS, this was really terrible, as i rush to quickly contact him for a cure, as i contact him and he told me not to worry that he will help me, that I should give him two days to cast the spell with his oracle {spirits} to tell him what to do, he later told me on what items and materials i am to buy over here in my country, i purchase them, so after two days he call Me to go for a test and I go for the test and I was now hiv negative I’m very happy now that I’m hiv negative I’m thankful to dr Olorun for helping me his email :