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Submitted by Sie.Kathieravealu on
The government should encourage the farmers in their efforts to cultivate larger extents to resolve rising unemployment in rural areas and strengthen and improve the country's "food security" Cultivators must be encouraged to enlarge their farms to the extent of solving the unemployment and not to go the extent of creating "labour shortage". Allowing foreigners to indulge in large-scale farming activities Will not in any way help to resolve rising unemployment in rural areas and improve food security BUT might just create the opposite. The large-scale farms might be more mechanical intensive and large large amounts of inorganic fertilizers in the name of increasing food production. The introduction of inorganic fertilizers followed by the use of pesticides will ONLY help to DEGRADE THE EXISTING FERTILE SOIL and create environment problems that would be harmful to the country and the world. The Government must not be GREEDY in developing the agricultural sector. It has to be slow and steady in the interest of the country and HUMANITY.