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A study on Mozambique suggests 67 per cent of these new commercial farm operations have failed. It gave 4 reasons.
The problem seems to be failed farming whatever the proposed solution-small or large scale-to food sovereignty or food security or food independence has been. These terms are generally used at a household level but can equally be applied at a national level. It was because of the under achieving at national level by small scale producers that some governments asked these international businesses in.
One of the weaknesses of the small scale food sovereignty solution is that it fails to recognise that a person who has 2.5ha should be food sovereign and secure. Some are but too many are not. This solution does not recognise the difference in peoples in communities. It is too broad a brush. Put beside that food dependency syndrome and its contribution to lack of production and you have two major elements that resulted in the governments parcelling out land to international companies. They gave up on their own people. Now according to the above report they will need to give up on large scale also. However large scale commercial does work which is why in South Africa commercial farms are successful. Establishing commercial farms in countries unlike South Africa seems to be the problem.
Now if the government gave assistance to the proven successful small scale then it might be going down the right road.