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Submitted by Rob Yates on
Patricio, Your question about whether UHC (people effectively covered by pooled health financing) improves population health outcomes is answered in this excellent publication from Results for Development written by Bill Savedoff and colleagues . Here research by Peter Smith and Rodrigo Moreno-Sera (in section 2) proves that UHC does have a positive impact on health outcomes. Furthermore on page 11 they show that improved outcome indicators are only associated with pooled PUBLIC financing. “Voluntary [private] health insurance appears to have no measurable impact on population health status”. Furthermore “countries in which out-of-pocket spending is a higher share of total health expenditure have higher adult mortality rates.” ie user fees kill people. I can’t recommend this paper enough to people interested in UHC and health financing. It’s overall message is that UHC is good for population health and that public financing (driven by economic growth and political negotiation) is the key to UHC.