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Submitted by J.K. on

An efficient port is nothing without the distribution network required to get these increased goods to their destinations.
I believe the transportation sector revamp is well underway, after which we will see the construction of the new port, or atleast expansion in the existing one along with reformations such as flat rates. But I would like to emphasize on the massive losses we all incur, due to the fact that private transportation, mainly trucking, companies charge very high rates to move goods!
And its not really their fault, well.. maybe it is if they are behind the failed Tanzania Railways Company. Maybe they lobbied to sabotage the plan, because they would ultimately lose a huge chunk of the pie?
A railway system is all too important for the transportation of bulk goods mainly, high volume, low value ratio but in constant movement.. it is not fair that trucking companies make billions because of things like grain, oil, aggregate etc.. that would otherwise be transported safely enough by rail over long distances!

Isn't that why the colonialists first built those networks?