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Submitted by Kate on

My Opinion to end poverty in Africa have to start in the rural Areas, that were the poor lives, ls were you will find people living in extreme poverty, most of them are farmers small scale business,To help Farmer provide quality seeds in Agriculture, high quality feeds for their live stocks and help farmers to get access in loans,To help Small scale business and Entrepreneur area of infrastructures steady power electricity , crate financial opportunity for long term financing,investing in education some of the rural areas have few schools children have to trek along kilometers to school, provide enough teachers, build more health care centers, some of the rural Areas in Africa doesn't have hospitals they suffer a lot to transport themselves to come out to the city, provide job training , and vocational schools, government to help construct road for them,some of them doesn't have access road, they suffer mostly during rainy season, To provide good drinking water , some of them drink from the stream this can cause disease,
Africa minerals should be transform by Africa's, not international companies , and our oil and gas should be refined by Africa's in a productive ways and explored, l think all this will reduce poverty in Africa .