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Submitted by Kyomuhendo Frank on

Thanks for this enlightening article Chico. I would like to narrow down my comment but not limit it to Uganda. In my opinion, the inequality in Uganda is especially because the largest part of the population is engaged in subsistence agriculture, a lot of food and cash crops are grown but the access to markets, processing and knowledge to handle agro-yields is limited to mostly rudimentary methods. Infrastructure, especially in transport and processing is still very limiting which explains the acute price differences in agricultural commodities in urban centers as opposed to the roots. As the political and civil service clout continue to unfairly amass wealth through the bureaucratic system and invest by proxy, the largest part of the population that is actively involved in legitimate economic activities is stranded with their output! To redress this, I believe government policy should lean towards improving agricultural education, output and processing through intense mechanization and also invest a lot in sustainable infrastructure development in key collection/regional centres and the revival of a streamlined union(these were frustrated because of being potential political powere houses).