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Thank you for your detailed insight.

And of course you are right.

Africa as a continent is not poor and as you have showcased brilliant potentials you have equally presented the prime reason why it all falls back again.

Our old leaders who do not want to leave power and are not well informed to take strategic long term decisions for our countries, have denied us.

The education to employment nexus is generally a global problem today however its compounding in Africa.

The the result of all these wrong and unfortunate (selfish) decisions, is a youth who will not be able to maximize his or her potentials in a globalized world where everything is connected but him or her.

Negativity has no place here, so amidst all these questionable deals that are being signed the African youth wants to find a reason to put all those aside and move ahead gradually developing a new economy that transcends borders and achieves global recognition.

We have gradually lost hope in the Government.....but it is detriment for the African youth (which is us,inclusive of me) to build the Africa we want to live and build our future in.

I am great, Africa is a great continent.....i dont know about our leaders....