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Submitted by Ajenifuja Kazeem on

To end poverty in Africa, I would suggest first we show wat truly love is among ourselves after which we try to collect from those that r wealthy( rich) an d give to those that are poor by properly utilizing the tax collected by government. Let the government show true leadership and not dictatorship which they are now. A public servant of what salaries having the wealth and properties next to what God knows.
Moreso, let all of us have the fear of Almighty Allah and the fear of the unknown cos we are there today but who knows what will happen the next seconds? We also need to be pro-active and look at what and how we can add up to the improvement of our environment and country at large while those in power makes it condusive for citizens to wanting to do more for their fatherland( humanity).
All man would account for his/ her deed.
God bless our country, continent n world at large. Ameen