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Submitted by Kennedy on

Almost every idea is consumable. How do we begin to define consumable goods or ideas, by FMCG or non-FMCG? It may not necessarily be the view or the types of products, but the patience in the business which gives any entrepreneur mastery over the art, having understood all the obstacles. Unlike the West that churns out disruptive innovations in a few months or years with rich variety, and buy-in, these two businesses in Africa - The movies and Noodles - took some painstaking years to find a prosperous path - Mastery. It may not be that they applied disruptive innovation. It could be a mastery thing. Africa is so slow to change or to accepting any innovation - History does tell. So when it comes to Africa, let's talk about the obstacles and the mastery process rather than Disruptive innovations. And it takes some time to master any innovations, for Africa.
Secondly, what are the needs of the bottom of the pyramid? The kind of innovations that Africans are quick to go after is the type that meets their basic needs. For example, the need to beat the traffic and get early to work. 'Keke na Pep' is rapidly taking over the standard commercial vehicle and even the BRT system. A lot of vehicles and non-vehicle owners are quickly patronizing these types of transport system over the conventional one - That's disruptive because it was first successful in a comparable market, in India.

So, when we say Disruptive, why should the indomie and the Nollywood movies suffice? I think not. Indomie, yes, I agree, because it is disruptive in supplying the essential needs of the bottom of the Pyramid over any food. It takes just under 5 minutes to cook, and it is affordable, and satisfying meal. It was initially targeted at Children, and it took quite some years to get the other market segments to key into the benefits of having a fast and inexpensive meal.

As long as we want to be disruptive, let's not forget about the art of Mastery and the essential needs for any Geography. And of course the obstacles, these things have more weight in Africa than the frequent innovative disruptions in the WEST.

Africa has a different type of Disruptive or Market Research Intelligence. Our logics is as Old for us but New to the West.