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Madagascar - What's Going On?

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After one year (still counting) of political crisis, uncertainty remains the key word in Madagascar.

Private activities have rebounded compared to the first quarter 2009 but remain below pre-crisis levels. Fiscal policy, globally cautious, went through several “stop and go” episodes, sending mixed messages to financial markets, especially visible through the recent variations in the exchange and interest rates.

This uncertainty is exacerbated by the lack of consistency in policy decisions.

Read the full March/April economic update for Madagascar here [PDF].


Submitted by Hudson Lucky Masheti on
In my general view, I shall not specifically substantiate the Madagascar's economic update parameters given therein. I shall elaborate more on the way-forward for the calming the political crisis that has impacted negatively to the country's development that has lead to paralysm of the economy. This case reflects the one that faced my country “Kenya”, where uncertainty was felt all over the country and wait and see mood was experienced with great fear of what next. Thank God that the mediation team chaired by the Former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan was respected, considered and its final resolution structures adopted by the two key principals in equity dispensable coalition system. We appreciate the part played by the International Community and other Diplomatic Institutions. This is the way the two principals of Madagascar MUST go. If not the situation shall worsen than of current where; Investors shall pull out slowly one by one. Business shall remain closed and looted. Shortage of food to its citizens hence hunger will strike the nation. No peace, thus ca few (military ultimatum) shall be the phrase of the day. I present some references articulated in one of our local newspaper (Daily Nation) on Madagascar crisis and efforts of restoration that seem to be at stalemate. 1.Ref: Kenya – Daily Nation Thursday October 8, 2009 page 25 Title: Madagascar foes agree to Maputo Power Deal. Quote: “Madagascar's feuding political parties agreed the top three posts in an interim government with 35 – year old Andry Rajoelina remaining president, delegates at power-sharing talks said. (The president is Andry Rajoelina, the vice-president is Emmanuel Rakotovahiny and the prime minister is Eugine Mangalaza)”. End of quote. 2.Ref: Kenya – Daily Nation Tuesday December 22, 2009 page 21 Title: Madagascar Leader scraps Power Deal. Sub-title: Under the Law, president is five years too young to hold his post. Quote: “Madagascar's President Andry Rajoelina has formally rejected Internationally brokered power-sharing deals and said any attempt by the opposition to form a parliament this week would be illegal. Mr. Raloelina named an army colonel as his new prime minister on Sunday after months of power-sharing talks to end nearly a year of instability on the Indian Ocean island collapsed”. End of quote. 3.Ref: Kenya – Daily Nation Friday January 22, 2010 page 17 Title: African Union to offer New Madagascar Plan. Quote: “the African Union's top Diplomat will present Madagascar's bickering power-brokers with a fresh political compromise aimed at ending a year-long crisis. AU Commission Chairman Jean Ping, who arrived on the Indian Ocean island yesterday, is expected to meet President Andry Rajoelina and opposition leaders before handing over his proposal and giving all sides two weeks to respond. Mr Rajoelina, Africa's youngest leader, has in recent weeks torn up a string of Internationally brokered power-sharing deals, appointed a military prime minister and is intent on unilaterally organizing legislative elections slated for March.” end of quote. 4.Ref: Kenya – Sunday Nation March 21, 2010 page 31 Title: Rajoelina hardens stance following AU sanctions. Quote: “The president of Madagascar has rowed back on concessions made to political rivals in power-sharing talks last year, after the African union imposed sanctions on the Indian ocean island. In a statement released on Friday evening, Madagascar's transitional authority said the 'humiliating' sanctions showed the 53-member organization had no willingness to recognize a legitimate popular movement trying to bring about change. President Andry Rajoelina took power in March 2009 with the backing of the military” end of quote. All these stalemates in brokering power-sharing deal poses the biggest threat not only to the citizens, but also to the country's business, governance and development, where political will is the key conceptual model for peace creation and progression of Madagascar. As an African citizen, I urge President Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar to consider the African Union offered New Madagascar Plan, by this he shall be adhering to the Internationally brokered power-sharing deals. Finally, I believe – one must be human to serve humanity. From. Mr. Hudson Lucky Masheti Kenya (East Africa)

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