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I am at Oxford for the annual conference of the Center for Study of African Economies, which runs through Tuesday.

Here's the program with links to many of the conference papers.

Plenary sessions, including my presentation on the Millennium Village Project evaluation, will be broadcast live on the web, and the recording will later be posted on the CSAE website.

I'll present a short version of the paper, which was co-authored with Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development. This will be followed by a presentation from John McArthur, CEO of the Millenium Promise organization. Our session will be the last of the conference, on Tuesday 6-7 p.m. UK time (2-4 pm East Coast U.S. time.) 

For background, here are the first, second, third, and fourth earlier posts on the paper and check out our podcast, the MVP response, and commentary from Julian Jamison, Chris Blattman, Eric Green, and Bill Easterly and Laura Freschi.

Here's also video of an extended talk on the MV paper which Michael and I gave in DC in December:


Gabriel Demombynes

Program Leader for Human Development for Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, World Bank

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Raj Raina
March 24, 2011

Hi Gabriel,

I enjoyed your session with Mr. McArthur in Oxford but the discussion and Q & A served just as appetizer. I was hoping for the main course which never came.

Is there any appetite for session 2 - a sort of continuation from Oxford? I will be happy to organize it here at Columbia University depending on the willingness of both parties.

kind regards,

Raj Raina
Degree Candidate
Master in Development Practice
Earth Institue, Columbia University
New York