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Submitted by tratamente on
Yes the rate of maternal mortality is failing dramatically in for example East Africa (Uganda) but still alot needs and can be done. Most of pregnant women are frustrated by constant stockouts of medicines in Government health centers. Where medicines are available, money is asked for the service. This is common in rural areas. In most of the health centers, midwives are always overworked because other health providers are constantly is absent from the centers. The midwives work 24 hours with out resting which makes them rude to patients. So pregnant mothers find it more convenint and cheap for them to go to traditional birth attendants who have local medicines and charge them litttle money but can even give them on credit which governement health centers can not do. Some incentives in gov’t hospitals encourage women to deliver at health centers. Incentives like “Maama kit” which is an urgent and cost effective measure to ensure that child birth is conducted in a clean environment. Maama consists of basic supplies that are required at birth including sterile gloves, plastic sheets, cord ligature, razor blades, tetracycline, cotton, soap and sanitary pads. Another pressing issue is PMTCT treatment which is not in most of the health centers. The health centers that give PMTCT treatment are from health center IVs up wards and some few health center IIIs. Consindering the coverage of these health centers, they can not cover the whole population in the regions they are. Alot needs to be done especially at health centers such that pregnant mothers are not always frustrated