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Upon hearing the global crisis the first thing that comes to our mind speaking of the afflicted are the export sectors, the financial system likewise investors, but in reality it is the poor ordinary people who do suffer from this. In connection with the economic downturn there was apparent crimes reported, hard life tempted them to commit crime such as theft and abortion. Why so? It is because we are tired of suffering from that kind of life, they can no longer take the burden of getting hungry and availing the service such as the health care need of every individual particularly the pregnant women. The cost of raising a child is very expensive come to think the we have a very low purchasing power with our money. The health care costs that are indicated to be wasteful are behavioral, clinical, and procedural – what that means is that behavioral patterns could be addressed by someone other than a doctor, clinics order unnecessary tests, and health insurance companies might be padding their bills. The biggest cause of people needing an extra cash advance for medical care is overtesting – unnecessary procedures so the physician can cover himself legally, or just gouge patients for cash. Doctors padding bills – no wonder health care costs drive people to needing a personal loan for a simple check up. For more details visit: