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Submitted by Diamond Hill on
We just started a transport business in South Africa, moving grain from point a to b. We signed a 5 year contract with one of the largest companies in South Africa. We want to help the poor in our rural areas in town that is a heartbreaking situation. None of our commercial Banks in South Africa wants to help us to finance our business with start-up cash to get started. It is a shame that if you want to help other people no-one will help you fulfill your dreams. Hundreds of people don't really know what good food and a warm bed is, because there is nobody to help them to realize the facts of life. We apply for 2.5million but that is too much for our bankers - but the end result will be to help to feed the poor and provide workless people with work in our community. We decided to place our story to let the world know that in our country the poor don't matter at all to the rich people.