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The challenge is that those who are trying to address financial literacy are ignoring several psychological impairments to the achievement of financial literacy. The one that is most glaring is that they ignore the simple message of IQ measurement. That message is that half the population has an IQ under 100. Bluntly stated...Half the population just does not have the capacity to understand complex financial transactions dreamed up by the brighter 20% of the IQ bell curve. There are a multitude of other psychological impairments. The topper is that our Human Psychology is armed with 106 Cognitive Biases (behaviors to cover our incompetence ) (lies if you will) to save face when in these sorts of social situations. The scary thing is that governments and scholars cannot even acknowledge this problem. They are too full of their own agendas and biases. At thinkyourmoney ( we are independent of these biases and can call a spade a spade. We are in the process of identifying and explaining the Psychologies that affect human interaction in financial situations.