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Thanks Michael. We should know a lot more in the next six months about the impacts of business training on smaller firms as results start to come in from randomized experiments in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bosnia and Mexico. Nick Bloom has extended his survey work on management practices to hospitals and the public sector, and I think the descriptive evidence there is also showing an important role for management. In terms of Bank operations, the Bank already effectively carries out operations whereby management training could be effectively subsidized - matching grant programs whereby a firm pays 50 percent of the cost of soft services like consultants and the Government program pays the other 50 percent are a popular part of the Bank's set of programs for helping SMEs grow. To date there is little rigorous evidence about the impacts of such policies, which is why we are working closely with operations in several new matching grant programs to evaluate these effects. The impact note also spells out some additional policy implications for the Bank and Governments.