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Thanks Asif and Michael. Michael's table is a good one, this table is not in all versions of his paper, so definitely worth looking at. Asif, the New Zealand case is notable because it allows us to measure rigorously the development impacts of such programs. But they are of course widespread, with most OECD countries having some form of a temporary worker program, and with the GCC countries in particular having a lot of them, which Bangladeshis do participate in - there is certainly pent up demand in Bangladesh for international migration opportunities (as seen by Bangladesh supplying 7 million applicants to the recent US Diversity Visa lottery, almost half of all applicants worldwide). So the question is what can be done in Bangladesh to better allow willing migrants to participate in such opportunities - I believe there is a large role for both public and private facilitators in this regard - and in fact one could imagine even an important role for MFIs in providing financing for migration (Musfiq Mobarak's recent work in Bangladesh also shows important gains to facilitating INTERNAL seasonal migration there).