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Submitted by Glyn Baker on
I completely disagree. My view on foreign policy, is from a Nationalist perspective, not a Globalist one. In my view, it isn't a sovereign nation's governmental responsibility to be representing the needs of citizens in other countries. My own government is supposed to represent the needs of it's tax payers, and is supposed to follow it's own constitution. Where does it say in my own countries constitution that the my Government must provide aid to other countries? (it doesn't). My own country (Australia) should stop meddling in the affairs of other countries, stop policing the world, pull troops out of Iraq/Afghanistan/East Timor, stop providing aid, and stop offering asylum to refugees (all illegal refugees that enter Australian territory should be shipped back to their home country, persecution or not). If you offer asylum, you get more refugees coming here, and thus erode the property rights of Australian's. If we keep policing the world, the citizens we police will idolise their occupiers, and make the decision to come here. Why do you think Australia got so many Vietnamese refugees during the Vietnam war, and so many Iraqis refugees at the moment? (because Australia occupied their countries). If you allow temporary migrants to come here, where do you think they will spend their money? Not in Australia, they will send it back overseas, when they leave. This concept is an Altruistic one (aka "doormat syndrome"), which doesn't represent the national interests of my own country, nor any other coutry that is foolish enough to misrepresent it's own citizens by agreeing to do something like this. The blog entry is completely one-sided, and doesn't hardly discuss any of the negative consequences, for citizens of countries that are expected to provide this unconstitutional service. My view, is that if Australian's choose to provide aid to other countries, then it should be through private means, and not public government means. Look at the private donations made when major catastrophes occur, and you will see citizens in developed countries are quite capable of making private donations, without the need for government's intervention.